Last Friday the lawyers of TopLegalConsulting company gathered together at the hall of the historic building named “Aristocrat” to master public speaking skills, to study the usage of mental triggers as much as other techniques that can be useful in the daily work.


Each of the participants was able to apply recommendations received from Irina Barzhak by the second day of the training. They had to: render an improvised 60-second presentation; tell an exciting story happened with an everyday object; retell a complex report using a special technique and with only 15-minutes for preparation and manage the audience’s attention… And all the speakers succeeded! Neither of the tasks was of any difficulty.


“Questions asked by the lawyers are tricky ones”, — says Irina Barzhak after the first training day . “I like the fact that they perceive information much faster and more active. Tomorrow we’ll continue the work with mental triggers, and voice practice. It is a necessity for lawyers”.


In fact, the ablility to speak in public is essential. The lawyer should be convincingly in the court, understandable with the client.


“An anxiety is something that can embarrass even a professional lawyer,” says Nicholas Kogoshvili “Is there that very magic anty-anxiety button? Everyone decides for himself. Yet methods that can help to cope with this feeling do exist. It is important not to neglect them. Thanks to Irina Barzhak, who: has put together and has arranged the most necessary and efficient of those methods in her book “Magic anty-anxiety button”. We also thank her for the ability to share her individuality with the trainees in order to provide the most valuable things that people who tend to self-development might gain”.